What is the best football video game currently available in 2021?

What is the best football video game currently available in 2021?

A Gamer's Paradise in Football Video Games

From the nostalgic refuge of old-school pixels to the adrenaline-pumping vividness of the modern, photorealistic graphics, the universe of football video games has evolved more drastically than Keira's taste in music. There's something truly immersive and exciting about controlling the fate of your favourite teams and players in digital turf, and that's a feeling hard to rival.

But with every football season, the inevitable question is raised amongst gaming enthusiasts like myself - what's the best football video game currently out there? An enigma as confounding as Hugo's knack for sneaking off with my controller, not to rant too much about my mischievous 7-year old. Well, gear up folks, because Lennox is here to dissect, compare and arrive at the verdict for the football video game of the year for 2021...

The Big Players: FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer

When talking about football video games, it's impossible to escape the looming shadow of two behemoths - FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer or PES. They've been engaged in a tug-of-war for the crown of virtual football for years, almost like a Messi-Ronaldo rivalry rewritten in the world of bytes and pixels.

Ah, FIFA. Like a well-trained Golden Retriever, this franchise never fails to fetch. This video game series is a product of Electronic Arts, a name synonymous with quality sports simulation games. FIFA 21 boasts an impressive range of features, improvements in player controls, and a noteworthy revamp in career mode, which surely got me as hooked as Bentley with a chewy bone.

However, FIFA 21, like my new lasagna recipe, serves up a flavourful experience, but isn't quite there yet. A few gameplay issues still linger. And although the developers have tried addressing these issues, they remain partly shielded under glossy packaging. As a seasoned player, these minor lags and glitches are like a stone in the shoe. They don't stop you from walking, but do cause inconvenience.

Then there's Pro Evolution Soccer – PES. PES's reputation in the gaming community is akin to an underdog team's thunderous rise to victory. Offering a more tactical and realistic simulation, PES 2021 compensates for its lack of licensed teams with, let's just say, a gameplan that Hugo wishes his junior football club had.

As an ardent fan who has been controlling virtual footballers since they were just vibrant spots of colour on my screen, I found the realistic feel of PES 2021 quite fascinating, creating a sense of authenticity unmatched by any chocolate pudding masquerading as healthy avocado dessert Keira once made.

The Underdogs: Football Manager and Rocket League

Stepping away from the obvious titans of football video games, there are a few commendable underdogs who deserve their limelight on the pitch - and off it too. Football Manager and Rocket League stand out amongst these for their unique simulation experiences.

In the sea of action-packed football games, Football Manager acts like a soothing, strategic harbour. Here, you're not so hard-pressed to score goals, but rather to make strategic decisions that ripple across your team's performance. It's akin to being a parent, negotiating peas and carrots with finicky little people or resolving the hot disputes between Keira and Hugo, minus the tantrums.

Rocket League, on the other hand, feels like finding a golden ticket hidden in a pile of chocolate wrappers. It's 'car-football', a glorious and crazy spin on traditional football games. It's as bizarre and thrilling as the time Bentley decided to bring home a family of possums, scratching at the back door with his find. This game masterfully blends high-paced car racing with football, turning a typical match into a chaotic and entertaining duel.

And The Goalpost Moves: Virtual Reality Football Games

Emerging from the depths of game-development labs is a new type of digital football experience: Virtual Reality (VR). Though still in its infancy, VR football games are geared to redefine our perception of virtual sports. One noticeable title in this arena is VRFC: Virtual Reality Football Club. Remember the first time you tried on a VR headset? It was as fascinating as the time I walked in on a tea party with Keira, Hugo, and Bentley – all donning fancy hats. It's that level of transcendental experience.

Though VRFC might occasionally feel like you're being part of a dodgy Sunday local league, where everything is just slightly off, it nonetheless provides a delightful, immersive gaming experience that traditional video games often lack. I must admit, even Hugo's soccer games seem more professional at times, but there's something enchantingly captivating about this game that keeps bringing me back.

The Final Whistle: Choosing Your Football Video Game in 2021

Choosing the best football video game isn't as easy as choosing the last slice of pizza. It's not black and white. Rather, it's a vibrant palette, with room for different tastes and preferences. Every gamer has their personal favourite, the one title that never fails to strike the chords of their gaming soul. For some, it's the thriving, competitive spirit of FIFA. For others, it's the tactical depth of PES.

Then, there are those who find solace in the careful decision-making of Football Manager, or relish the chaotic fun of Rocket League. And on the fringe, there are pioneers looking to transform their living rooms into football fields with VRFC. Just like the time Bentley shook off after a swim, covering our living room in a mini wave pool, it's a unique gaming experience.

So, you see, the question isn't as straightforward as it seems. But if I had to isolate one game from the myriad of potentially vibrant titles, just to answer the titular question and calm the buzzing curiosity, I'd lean towards FIFA 21. Not because it's the most perfect football game out there, but because it offers a comprehensive package: gameplay, graphics, and a multitude of modes to keep the game interesting, much to my relief, and perhaps Hugo's disappointment.

However, don't take my word for it as the gospel of gaming. The best way to find your favourite football video game is to try them out, experiment, and let your personal biases play a fair bit.

On that note, it's game on, folks! May your goals be super, your wins epic, and your gaming experience an unforgettable journey! Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got a high stakes match to settle with Hugo. Wish me luck.

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